HP Officejet 7310 Help

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HP Officejet 7300/7400 series all-in-one

User Guide

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HP Officejet 7300/7400 series all-in-one

User Guide

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Second edition


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Note: Regulatory information can be
found in the technical information
chapter of this guide.

It is not lawful in many places to make
copies of the following items. When in
doubt, check with a legal
representative first.

Governmental paper or


Immigration papers

Selective service papers

Identification badges,
cards, or insignias

Governmental stamps:
Postage stamps
Food stamps

Checks or drafts drawn on
Governmental agencies

Paper currency, traveler’s
checks, or money orders

Certificates of deposit

Copyrighted works

Safety information


To prevent fire or

shock hazard, do not expose
this product to rain or any type
of moisture.

Always follow basic safety precautions
when using this product to reduce risk
of injury from fire or electric shock.


Potential shock



Read and understand all
instructions in the setup poster.


Use only a grounded electrical
outlet when connecting the
device to a power source. If you
do not know whether the outlet is
grounded, check with a qualified


Observe all warnings and
instructions marked on the


Unplug this product from wall
outlets before cleaning.


Do not install or use this product
near water or when you are wet.


Install the product securely on a
stable surface.


Install the product in a protected
location where no one can step
on or trip over the line cord, and
where the line cord will not be


If the product does not operate
normally, see the online
Troubleshooting help.


No operator-serviceable parts
inside. Refer servicing to
qualified service personnel.


Use in a well-ventilated area.


This equipment

will be inoperable when mains
power fails.