HP Officejet 7310 - Use Webscan

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Use Webscan

Webscan lets you perform a basic scan through your HP all-in-one using just a Web
browser. It also lets you perform the scan from your HP all-in-one without the device
software installed on your computer. Just enter the IP address of the HP all-in-one in a
Web browser. The embedded Web server Home page appears in your browser. In the
left hand column, under Applications, select Scan. For more information on printing a
network configuration page to obtain the IP address of your HP all-in-onet, see the
Network Guide that came with your device.

User Guide


Connection information

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The user interface for Webscan is unique to using the HP all-in-one and does not
support scan-to destinations like the HP Image Zone scanning software. The e-mail
functionality of Webscan is limited, so it is recommended you use the HP Image Zone
scanning software for this feature instead.

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HP Officejet 7300/7400 series all-in-one



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