HP Officejet 7310 - Case A: Separate fax line (no voice calls received)

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Case A: Separate fax line (no voice calls received)

If you have a separate phone line on which you receive no voice calls, and you have no
other equipment connected on this phone line, connect your HP all-in-one as described
in this section.

Back view of the HP all-in-one

1 Telephone wall jack
2 Phone cord supplied in the box with your HP all-in-one connected to the "1-LINE" port

To set up your HP all-in-one with a separate fax line


Using the phone cord supplied in the box with your HP all-in-one, connect one end
to your telephone wall jack, then connect the other end to the port labeled "1-LINE"
on the back of your HP all-in-one.


If you do not use the supplied cord to connect from the telephone

wall jack to your HP all-in-one, you might not be able to fax successfully.
This special phone cord is different from the phone cords you might already
have in your home or office. If the supplied phone cord is too short, see


phone cord that came with my HP all-in-one is not long enough


information on extending it.


Set up the HP all-in-one to answer incoming calls automatically. Press the



button until the light is on.


(Optional) Change the

Rings to Answer

setting to one ring or two rings.

For information on changing this setting, see

Set the number of rings before




Run a fax test. For information, see

Test your fax setup


When the phone rings, your HP all-in-one will answer automatically after the number of
rings you set in the

Rings to Answer

setting. Then it will begin emitting fax reception

tones to the sending fax machine and receive the fax.

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