HP Officejet 7310 - Case K: Shared voice/fax line with PC modem and voice mail

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Case K: Shared voice/fax line with PC modem and voice

If you receive both voice calls and fax calls at the same phone number, use a PC
modem on the same phone line, and subscribe to a voice mail service through your
telephone company, connect your HP all-in-one as described in this section.


You cannot receive faxes automatically if you have a voice mail service at the
same phone number you use for fax calls. You must receive faxes manually; this
means you must be available to respond in person to incoming fax calls. If you
want to receive faxes automatically instead, contact your telephone company to
subscribe to a distinctive ring service, or to obtain a separate phone line for

Since your PC modem shares the phone line with your HP all-in-one, you will not be
able to use both your PC modem and your HP all-in-one simultaneously. For example,
you cannot use your HP all-in-one for faxing if you are using your PC modem to send an
e-mail or access the Internet.
There are two different ways to set up your HP all-in-one with your computer based on
the number of phone ports on your computer. Before you begin, check your computer to
see if it has one or two phone ports:

If your computer has only one phone port, see the next section,

Set up your

HP all-in-one to a computer with one phone port

. You will need to purchase a

parallel splitter in order to send and receive faxes successfully and use your PC
modem. (Do not use a 2-line phone splitter or a serial splitter.) You will also need

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HP Officejet 7300/7400 series all-in-one

Fax setup

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three additional phone cords. You can purchase a parallel splitter and additional
phone cords from an electronics store.

If your computer has two phone ports, see

Set up your HP all-in-one to a computer

with two phone ports