HP Officejet 7310 - Remove print cartridges from a nonfunctional HP all-in-one

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Remove print cartridges from a nonfunctional HP all-in-one

Follow these steps if you need to remove print cartridges for shipment and your HP all-in-one will
not turn on. See

Remove print cartridges from a functional HP all-in-one

if your device is turning

on. Follow the steps below to unlock the print cartridge cradle, remove the print cartridges, and
then lock the print cartridge cradle.

Unplug the power cord, and then disconnect it from the HP all-in-one. Do not return the
power cord with the HP all-in-one.


The replacement HP all-in-one will not be shipped with a power cord.

Store the power cord in a safe place until the replacement HP all-in-one arrives.


Facing the front of the HP all-in-one, turn the right-hand side toward you until approximately
12.5 cm (5 inches) of the bottom right side hangs over the edge of a flat surface (such as a
desk or table).
This exposes a round purple cover on the bottom.


Do not tilt the HP all-in-one on its side, this might cause more damage.


Locate the cover on the bottom, and then follow the steps below to unlock the print cartridge

Use the tab to rotate the cover 1/4 turn in either direction.


Remove the cover. This exposes a gear that controls the height of the print cartridge


Rotate the gear toward the back of the unit until it stops.


You will rotate the gear a number of times before it stops.

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Open the print-carriage access door, and then remove the print cartridges from their slots and
lower the latches.


Remove both print cartridges and lower both latches. Failure to do so might damage
your HP all-in-one.


Place the print cartridges in print cartridge protectors or an airtight plastic container so they
will not dry out, and put them aside. Do not send them with the HP all-in-one unless the
HP customer support call agent instructs you to.


Rotate the gear toward the front of the HP all-in-one until it stops.
This locks and secures the print cartridge cradle for safe shipment.


Reattach the cover to the bottom of the HP all-in-one by aligning the two tabs directly across
from each other on the cover with the whole slots. With the cover in position rotate it 1/4 turn
to lock the cover in its place.



Remove the control panel overlay and pack your HP all-in-one

to complete preparation

for shipment.