HP Officejet 7310 - Order print cartridges

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Order print cartridges

To order print cartridges for your HP all-in-one, go to


. If prompted, choose

your country/region, follow the prompts to select your product, and then click one of the
shopping links on the page.
Your HP all-in-one supports the following print cartridges:

Print cartridges

HP reorder number

HP black inkjet print cartridge

#96, 21 ml black print cartridge

HP tri-color inkjet print cartridge

#97, 14 ml color print cartridge
#95, 7 ml color print cartridge

HP photo inkjet print cartridge

#99, 13 ml color photo print cartridge

HP gray photo inkjet print cartridge

#100, 15 ml gray print cartridge


Print cartridge reorder numbers vary by country/region. If the reorder numbers
listed in this guide do not match the numbers on the print cartridges currently
installed in your HP all-in-one, order new print cartridges with the same numbers
as those you currently have installed.
You can find out the reorder numbers for all the print cartridges your device
supports through the Printer Toolbox. In the Printer Toolbox, click the
Estimated Ink Levels tab, and then click Print Cartridge Ordering Information.
You can also contact a local HP reseller or go to


to confirm

the correct print cartridge reorder numbers for your country/region.