HP Officejet 7310 - Print a DPOF file

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Print a DPOF file

The Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) is an industry-standard file that can be created
by some digital cameras. Camera-selected photos are photos you marked for printing
with your digital camera. When you select photos with your camera, the camera creates a
DPOF file that identifies which photos have been tagged for printing. Your HP all-in-one
can read the DPOF file from the memory card so you do not have to reselect the photos
to print.


Not all digital cameras allow you to tag your photos for printing. See your digital
camera documentation to see if it supports DPOF. Your HP all-in-one supports
DPOF file format 1.1.

When you print camera-selected photos, the HP all-in-one print settings do not apply;
the settings in the DPOF file for photo layout and number of copies override those of
your HP all-in-one.
The DPOF file is stored by the digital camera on a memory card and specifies the
following information:

Which photos to print

The quantity of each photo to print

Rotation applied to a photo

Cropping applied to a photo

Index printing (thumbnails of selected photos)

To print camera-selected photos


Insert the memory card into the appropriate slot on your HP all-in-one. If there are
DPOF-tagged photos, the

Print DPOF Photos

prompt appears on the color

graphics display.


Do one of the following:



to print all DPOF-tagged photos on the memory card.



to bypass DPOF printing.