HP Officejet 7310 - Complete the proof sheet

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Complete the proof sheet

After you have printed a proof sheet, you can use it to select the photos you want to


You might want to use a photo print cartridge for superior print quality. With the
tri-color and photo print cartridges installed, you have a six-ink system. For more
information, see

Use a photo print cartridge



Select the photos to print by using a dark pen or pencil to fill in the circles located
under the thumbnail images on the proof sheet.


Select one layout style by filling in a circle in step 2 of the proof sheet.

User Guide



Card and PictBridge

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If you need more control over print settings than the proof sheet provides,
you can print photos directly from the control panel. For more information,

Print photos directly from a memory card



Load the proof sheet face down on the right front corner of the glass. Make sure the
sides of the proof sheet touch the right and front edges. Close the lid.