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Get started

You must have the following to use HP Instant Share with your HP all-in-one:

A functional local area network (LAN)

An HP all-in-one connected to the LAN

Direct access to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

An HP Passport user ID and password

HP Instant Share set up on your device

You can set up HP Instant Share and obtain an HP Passport user ID and password:

From the HP Image Zone software on your computer

By pressing HP Instant Share on the control panel of your HP all-in-one

When the option is offered to you at the end of the software install (Macintosh only)

For more information, see the HP Instant Share Setup Wizard onscreen Help.


Make sure you select the Typical install when installing your HP all-in-one
software. HP Instant Share will not function on a device with a minimum install.

Once you have obtained an HP Passport user ID and password, created a unique name
for your HP all-in-one, and registered your device, you have the option to add senders
to an access list and create destinations. If you choose to use the access list and create
destinations at a later date, follow the instructions in the following topics.


When you sign up with HP Instant Share and register your HP all-in-one, you are
automatically added to the access list for your device and given auto print
privileges. For more information on becoming an HP Instant Share member and
registering your device, see

Get started