HP Officejet 7310 - Send photos from a destination file

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Send photos from a destination file

If your HP digital camera supports HP Instant Share, it lets you assign photos to
destinations on a memory card. The assigned photos are stored in a destination file.
When you remove the memory card from the camera and place it in the appropriate
card slot on your HP all-in-one, the HP all-in-one reads the memory card and forwards
the photos to their assigned destinations.

To send photos to destinations assigned by your HP digital camera


Make sure the memory card is inserted into the appropriate card slot on your
HP all-in-one.
For more information, see

Use a memory card or PictBridge camera



Destinations Found

dialog appears on the color graphics display.




to select

Yes, send photos to HP Instant Share destinations


The photos are sent to their assigned destinations.


Sending photos to a large number of destinations might take a long time and
might exceed the maximum number of destinations to which the HP all-in-one
can send in a single transaction. Reinserting the memory card will cause the
remaining photos to be sent to their destinations.