HP Officejet 7310 - Use the copy features

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Use the copy features

The HP all-in-one allows you to produce high-quality color and black-and-white copies
on a variety of paper types, including transparencies. You can enlarge or reduce the
size of an original to fit a specific paper size, adjust the darkness and color intensity of
the copy, and use special features to make high-quality copies of photos, including 10
by 15 cm (4 by 6 inch) borderless copies.
This chapter provides instructions for increasing copy speed, enhancing copy quality,
setting the number of copies to print, guidelines for choosing the best paper type and
size for your job, making posters, and making iron-on transfers.


For the best copy performance on standard copy projects, set the paper size to




, the paper type to

Plain Paper

, and the copy quality to



For more information on how to set the paper size, see

Set the copy paper size


For information on how to set the paper type, see

Set the copy paper type


For information on setting the copy quality, see

Increase copy speed or quality


You can learn how to perform photo copy projects, such as making borderless copies
of photos, enlarging and reducing the copies of photos to suit your preference, making
multiple copies of photos on a page, and making quality enhancements to copies of
faded photos.

Make a 10 by 15 cm (4 by 6 inch) borderless copy of a photo


Copy a 10 by 15 cm (4 by 6 inch) photo onto a full-size page


Copy a photo several times on one page


Enhance light areas of your copy