HP Officejet 7310 - Receive a fax

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Receive a fax

Your HP all-in-one can receive faxes automatically or manually, depending on the
answer mode that you set. If the light next to the

Auto Answer

button is on, your

HP all-in-one automatically answers incoming calls and receive faxes. If the light is off,
you need to receive faxes manually. For more information on the answer mode, see

Set up the HP all-in-one to receive faxes



You can set up the HP all-in-one to print received faxes on both sides of the page
to save paper. For information, see

Set up the HP all-in-one to print single- or

two-sided faxes



If you have installed a photo or gray photo print cartridge for printing photos, you
might want to replace it with the black print cartridge when receiving faxes. See

Work with print cartridges